A detailed review of participants in and their contributions to etheric rain engineering since 1968

by Trevor James Constable

Ever since Trevor Constable (hereinafter TJC) began his involvement with etheric rain engineering technology around 1968, many people have aided and reinforced this development. Without their contributions, which have been as varied as the people themselves, the elegant airborne etheric rain engineering operations of today would have required many more years to realize. At key junctures, development may well have ceased were it not for interventions by interested, capable and kindly disposed people. Certain of these interventions, such as those of George K. C. Wuu, the Segreti Brothers, Irwin Trent and Dr. James O. Woods, decisively kept this project going when TJC had resolved to close it down, out of sheer weariness with the expense and strain of large, regional operations. No support of any kind is extended to work of this character by the great foundations with their tax-sheltered funds. They tend to sustain conventional, thoroughly safe ventures, rather than assist technical revolutions.

Cooperation keynoted all the assisting services that were freely given. No government research money was ever used or expected. Many of the individuals involved made substantial sacrifices of time, funds and skill. Scientists and other professionals contributed their knowledge and insight unstintingly, and without fees. Whatever the level of their involvement and conviction, everyone could see one overriding goal: human life would be elevated and advanced by the furtherance of etheric rain engineering. Most of those who helped also saw that beyond the break-in development of etheric rain engineering there loomed the wider, industrial developments of etheric technology, requiring no fuel and producing no pollution. This wider horizon fascinated and enthralled everyone involved. They all realized that we have to begin where we can, rather than dream idly of a perfect beginning. Those who shared our visions and have passed on are remembered with reverence and abiding gratitude.

These acknowledgments are recorded here so that through this website, persons who are newly aware of etheric rain engineering will understand the varied backgrounds of this technology’s progenitors. One man’s efforts could not possibly have sufficed. Motivations have been pure throughout. Cooperation by free human beings is the most powerful force there is for progress, crossing national, racial and political boundaries. Destined in the fullness of time to supplant the profit motive for advancing the human race, cooperation is needed even now on a world stage, to salvage this stricken planet from the ravages of unbridled avarice and disdain for Nature.

Grateful acknowledgment is extended to the following persons, for their contributions to progress. Not all of them were personally or directly involved in our particular activities but whether centrally or peripherally involved, all of them together helped produce the airborne etheric rain engineering of today. AEREO is their achievement. Evident and obvious is that these are human beings of high quality.


GEORGE K.C. WUU of Singapore is a visionary businessman, multi-millionaire and entrepreneur, who made possible the commercial availability of airborne etheric rain engineering operations today. Without his financial intervention in 1988, this activity would not have progressed beyond that time. The many historic operations conducted since then in Hawaii, California, Malaysia and the People’s Republic of China would never have produced their harvest of know-how. These advances were purchased at considerable personal cost to Mr. Wuu. Born and raised in modest circumstances in Singapore, Mr. Wuu created the East Coast Recreation Centre there from virgin, freshly reclaimed land. He was given this opportunity by the Singapore government as a young ex-Singapore Navy officer, because the government of that dynamic meritocracy believed he had the drive and enterprise to succeed. They gave him his chance, and he justified their confidence. His rivals for the contract were some of the largest construction firms in Asia. His success with the Centre, which he has since passed to others, is now part of Singapore’s vibrant modern history. George Wuu today is an active international businessman of wide interests and humanitarian bent. Airborne etheric rain engineering operations remain of special concern to him. Money from what he termed his “Peanut Fund” covered expenses for the primary pioneering of airborne etheric rain engineering in Hawaii: Operation Red Baron. As a “hands- on” business executive, Mr. Wuu has many times organized and executed rain engineering operations of his own, and has designed and fabricated equipment in Singapore. His intense practical interest in the technology, included his own personal verifications of the basic airborne etheric rain engineering discoveries of TJC. The technology is commercially available today, because Mr. Wuu believes that it will be part of the world of tomorrow. As chairman and chief executive officer of Etheric Rain Engineering Pte. Ltd., he now controls the technology for which he was an energetic and indispensable midwife.


PETER LINDEMANN, D.Sc. is a great friend to etheric rain engineering, as well as possessing a remarkable level of personal sensitivity to etheric force. Peter is a brilliant multi-disciplinary engineer who has created many devices, ranging from therapeutic equipment to electrical generators, whose operational characteristics are outside of modern scientific theory - yet still function. His grasp of science and the history of scientific experiment are profound. Peter was a highly valued executive board member of Borderland Sciences for many years, and was a frequent contributor to the Journal of Borderland Research. Tom Brown has commented that he could always rely on Peter to be on the case with the latest insights on innovative scientific and technical matters that were under research around the world.

Peter and TJC met and became directly associated in 1990, although TJC had heard many praises sung of Peter by Webmeister Tom Brown, over the years. Seafaring almost invariably ensures that one is somewhere else when interesting people are around, and that is the way it was until 1990. At that time, Peter was living in Santa Barbara. He came to San Pedro - about a 100 mile drive - to collect some of TJC's obsolescent devices. Drought was severe in Santa Barbara and environs, and Peter felt that he might reverse that situation by "inheriting" equipment that TJC was no longer using and was actually about to dump. Peter hauled the assortment of tubes away, and in Santa Barbara, at the home of a friend, he organized this equipment into what we came to call "dynamic storage."
Peter is possessed of an astonishing sensitivity to etheric force, and he utilized this sensitivity to the ether to turn TJC's old tubes into a fully functioning force majeure in Santa Barbara. Between his collection of the tubes, and Peter's development of dynamic storage, TJC had failed dismally to interest the stricken city in a straightforward rain-engineering contract. No money upfront, George Wuu would underwrite all costs, and we would, inside a year, transform the drought into a memory never to be repeated. The deal was to include five years of gratis consultations, and the installation of permanent facilities to deal with Santa Barbara's notorious "sundowner" winds which have repeatedly pushed the city to the brink of incineration. Such an incident had occurred shortly before my 1990 presentation. To our intense disappointment, we were turned down, and the city chose to build a desalination plant, at more than ten times the cost. Santa Barbara is still "eating" the bonds involved, and since there have been no drought conditions since that time the plant has been decommissioned.

There is an excellent technical explanation for this astonishing turnaround.  Peter Lindemann's "dynamic storage" entered the scenario at this time. He obtained a location for his etheric projectors at the house of a friend, located by good fortune, 5 miles due south of Gibraltar dam, whose reservoir was then "dust dry." Peter's superlative sensitivity allowed him to align the etheric projectors he was storing, so that the staple flow of etheric force from the west could not overrun the "stored" tubes.

Blocked locally by the stored equipment, the immense flow of ether from the west was shunted 90 degrees to the north, right over Gibraltar dam. There were soon consequences from this alignment. Two successive rainstorms delivered two massive rains to Gibraltar: both exceeding more than 11 inches while untargeted areas received about one inch. This sent Gibraltar Reservoir, over-night, from dust-dry to spilling over 100 million gallons of water an hour into Lake Cachuma, the main reservoir for southern Santa Barbara county. Gibraltar dam recorded the HIGHEST RAINFALL IN THE REGION ON BOTH OCCASIONS.

The geometry involved was exquisite, and complied with principles filmed in time lapse on the California high desert nearly twenty years previously by TJC, and the late biologist Robert McCullough. This is a real-world example of Peter Lindemann's superb sensitivity, and what may be achieved through that sensitivity as a purely practical matter. In the years since Santa Barbara and the Gibraltar dam, TJC has enjoyed immense benefit from his friendship and association with Dr. Lindemann. Among his many gracious gifts to rain engineering, Peter produced the fabulous P-Gun. This has made airborne etheric rain engineering 100 percent feasible, without chemical agents, or electric power in any form. What is now required is a political leader with the common gumption to utilize what the Cosmos has provided, via Peter Lindemann.


LOUIS A. MATTA served as Chief Engineer of SS “Maui” throughout the 1980s and until his early retirement from the sea in 1992. A professional engineer educated at the California Maritime Academy, Lou Matta’s early personal interests were sacred geometry and the art of Tai Chi. The hard world of mechanical engineering and the operation of a hard-driven 33,000 horsepower commercial ship and all its complex sub-systems is more than enough for most men. For Lou, it was only a part of his life, because of the special character and breadth of his avocational interests. Tai Chi training allowed him to grasp immediately what etheric weather engineering was all about. He became vitally important to TJC’s operational experiments aboard the Maui – truly a key personage in the entire unfoldment.

The two men conferred almost nightly while the ship was at sea, endlessly sketching, theorizing, proposing and then fashioning artifacts in the ship’s engineering workshop. What was fabricated was immediately taken up to the flying bridge and tested in the dynamic crucible of the north Pacific ocean – pristine and endless. Radar overviewed everything that happened. A more perfect setup for testing and experimenting would be hard to conceive. TJC duly plowed Mr. Matta into Dr. Rudolf Steiner’s work, further enhancing his already invaluable assistance.

The sheer value of being able to take an idea aft to Lou Matta’s office and discuss that idea with him, is almost indescribable. This privilege was available for more than a decade as the ”Maui” criss-crossed the eastern north Pacific. One of the burdens pioneers in new technology bear, is the devastating loneliness created by the soulless nature of our dehumanized, mechanistic culture. The steady presence of Lou Matta offset this. We both grew together into the new concepts and changed thinking that are coming to the world in the not-so-distant future – perhaps sooner than those stuck in the Old Knowledge realize. Lou Matta was many times during those formative years, a living witness to some stupendous weather events around the ship’s vicinity that few others aboard recognized were engineered happenings. He has seen with his own eyes those towering, beetle- black barriers of moisture going up thousands of feet into the air ahead of the ship, and known exactly what he was looking at, and how it got there.

TJC cannot even begin to imagine how far back the development of etheric rain engineering would be, had it not been for the unforgettable aid, creativity and comradeship that came from Louis Matta. Warm-hearted, pure of motive, unselfish, kind, tolerant and moral, he is one of God’s noblemen, sent to the times and places where he was needed.


The late DR. WILHELM REICH, M.D., who died in a Federa1 prison in 1957, was the major rain engineering pioneer and innovator with his inspired invention of the Cloudbuster. Protégé and sometime First Clinical Assistant to the eminent Dr. Sigmund Freud, Dr. Reich found the pathway from psychology and psychiatry to biology that eluded Freud and many other brilliant researchers. 20 years of professional scientific and clinical work preceded his discovery of a specific biological energy, which he termed orgone. A revolutionary break with classical formulations, this excited the professional enmity and irrational response that invariably await the true pioneer. His imprisonment, and the destruction by fire under court order of his books and experimental bulletins are an infamous episode in U.S. jurisprudence. Deliberately misrepresented , distorted, falsified and misunderstood to this day, Dr. Reich left behind not only his discoveries, pathbreaking scientific books and experimental records, but more than 100,000 pages of unpublished manuscript – enough material for a hundred more scientific books. Perhaps a century hence, Wilhelm Reich will rank among the major heroes of the coming New Civilization. Few people now living are fully capable of comprehending the cross-disciplinary magnitude of his contributions to mankind’s progress. Due to Dr. Reich’s penetrating clinical findings on irrational behavior, psychopathic resistance to life-giving discoveries no longer need surprise anyone.

Modern scientific rain engineering, including everything achieved by the ERE group, is descended from Dr. Reich’s fundamental discovery of the orgone energy, the name he gave to the ether of space.

Without the start he made in directly tapping the etheric continuum, there would have been nothing to build upon. While contemporary rain engineering equipment bears little resemblance to the classical Reich cloudbuster, the latter is contained in all that exists today – just as the Wright Flyer of 1903 is contained in the mighty Boeing 747. In the ERE group, we honor the memory of Wilhelm Reich, salute his achievements and benefit from his monumental legacy to the human race.


The late biologist, ROBERT MCCULLOUGH, was the link between Dr. Reich’s work and that of TJC. Bob McCullough was educated at the Utah State Agricultural College where he earned a master’s degree. For two years, he was employed by Dr. Reich as a biological scientist. This work included personal assistance to Dr. Reich in pioneer weather engineering development and operation of the cloudbuster. These assignments included the famous expedition to Tucson, Arizona, half a century ago, that resulted in the summertime greening of the surrounding desert. McCullough contacted TJC when he saw infrared photographs in the latter’s 1958 book on UFOs, that resembled objects McCullough had seen provoked by cloudbuster operations in the sky around Tucson. Close collaboration and friendship ensued, and lasted until McCullough’s death in 1995. He was the technical adviser on the very first cloudbuster built by TJC and the late Dr. James O. Woods. TJC was fortunate and blessed to have the scientific guidance of Bob McCullough for three decades. In the course of this collaboration, information was exchanged primarily via dozens of audio cassette tapes. During most of this period, McCullough was a biologist with the Chemical and Biological Warfare section of the U.S. Army. Bob McCullough was a sensitive as well as a scientist. This made him not only a highly effective operator of cloudbuster equipment, but also a sound and solid scientific guide in the furtherance of this work.


EVA REICH M.D., physician and daughter of the great scientist, was a professional associate of Robert McCullough and her father, at Orgonon, in Maine. This outstanding professional lady guided the studies of TJC when the latter first investigated her father’s work. Her careful supervision during this period, ensured that Mr. Constable made a correct, non-tangential approach to the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich, of which the cloudbuster is only a small part. In particular, Dr. Eva Reich ensured that Mr. Constable understood the neurotic rooting of social pathology, and its virulent consequences for any person pioneering life-force technology. This vital early guidance stabilized progress thereafter.


The late DR. JAMES O. WOODS was a highly valued research associate of TJC for more than a quarter century. The two men worked from 1957 until 1968 as a research team, in a novel project to objectify UFOs directly from the invisible state, using infrared film. NASA Shuttle mission STS75 in 1996, 39 years later, objectified numerous similar, invisible forms extensively on ultraviolet-sensitive video tape, including numerous examples of materialization into the ultraviolet and dematerialization out of the ultraviolet into other reaches of the invisible. The UFO research in 1957-68 acquainted TJC and Woods not only with the technical key to the UFO mystery, but also with the changed mental outlook essential to successful work with the ether. The infrared photographic project metamorphosed into the design, construction and operation of the first cloudbuster used by the two workers. Robert McCullough provided invaluable consulting guidance with all the cloudbusters built by the two men. The UFO research project provided extensive practical experience in working with the ether. Conversion of this experience to weather engineering was via a natural, functional pathway that has extended until today. Dr. Woods was a dear personal friend, a superb working partner in all phases of their joint efforts, and proved to be a talented, effective cloudbuster operator. A Doctor of Chiropractic, he was also for several years a clinical assistant to the late, redoubtable genius physician, Dr. Ruth B. Drown. Dr. Woods died prematurely in the 1980s, after a long illness, leaving a void that has never since been filled.


The late IRWIN TRENT was a veteran electronics technician already retired from the aerospace industry in California, when he met TJC in 1971. Mr. Trent’s first acquaintance with Dr. Reich’s work came as a patient of Dr. Albert Duvall, one of Reich’s closest medical associates. TJC and Irwin Trent became dear friends as well as research associates for 30 years. “Irv” Trent provided unstinting, across-the-board support of the weather engineering work: financial, physical, theoretical, practical and emotional. He always kept a low profile, but was a steady and solid presence all through tough and demanding times. He was a bulwark in a time of personal tragedy. Irv Trent also personally published “The Cosmic Pulse of Life,” Trevor James Constable’s underground classic book on energy matters closely related to rain engineering. “Cosmic Pulse “ is now a recognized classic, many printings three decades later. Without Irv Trent, this book would have been suppressed by the publishing establishment that Trent personally despised. He also later helped subsidize publication of “Loom of the Future,” an interview book of novel format, with over 130 photos, recounting the history of rain engineering up to 1993. He was a longtime contributor to Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, and a valued member of that foundation. A successful investor who knew how to detect and shadow oligarchic machinations, Trent made a practice of quietly funding many people who suffered hardship because of their dedication to truth and justice. This man’s many sterling qualities included his complete dependability. In the days of operations ashore in southern California, he could be sent to make equipment adjustments perhaps a hundred miles away. Although no longer a young man, Irv would always do exactly what he was instructed to do. He was therefore, and in many ways, a far-reaching additional pair of hands for TJC. Development of the “Skimmer,” a simple yet effective piece of mobile rain engineering equipment, was his original design and inspiration. Compelling video exists of this device wringing rain out of massive high pressure systems in the north Pacific. Irv Trent willingly drove gun-cars on the Los Angeles freeways, day or night – whatever was required. Father, uncle, brother, friend, sounding-board, counselor and ceaseless experimenter, he was still experimenting a few weeks prior to his death at 86 in 2001. Irwin Trent played a large role in bringing etheric rain engineering into the world to stay. Humanity is in his debt, and that of his wife, Ethel. .


The late WILLIAM GORDON ALLEN, Ph. D., was a graduate of Louisiana Tech who was long associated with Boeing in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Allen headed the interior electronics design group on the Boeing 747, during the birth of the revolutionary jumbo jet. His design group had responsibility for everything electronic from the flight deck aft. His major innovation on this project was development of the single coaxial cable for carrying all the electronic functions in the passenger cabin, such as programming and stewardess call-buttons, etc. This development made unnecessary the massive quantities of shielded wire previously necessary to fit out an airliner interior. Aside from the immense weight-saving, the coax approach saved Boeing a billion dollars in costs on the first production run of the jumbo jet, and has been incorporated in airliner design since. .

Dr. Allen also owned several radio broadcasting stations in the U,S. Pacific Northwest during his lifetime, and was a movie producer and author. He was long familiar with the ether, as it has been presented to the world by Dr. Rudolf Steiner and the European scientists who furthered Steiner’s work. A deep student of Dr. Steiner, Dr. Allen was convinced that the science and technology of tomorrow would be based upon the physical reality and technological accessibility of the ether. He planned to obtain micron gold from the ether in the last project he pursued, post-retirement. Trevor James Constable was introduced to Dr. Allen by the late Dr. Ruth B. Drown, an extraordinary pioneer physician working medically with the ether, or life force. Dr. Allen was intensely interested in the development of etheric rain engineering, and provided cogent scientific and engineering guidance over more than a decade. He foresaw with clarity the inevitable development of airborne equipment and techniques. He judged this would be the most important development in the history of etheric rain engineering. His vision has been proved accurate. A great man, sadly missed.


The late FRANK DER YUEN was an internationally respected aeronautical engineer, airline executive and consultant, who was intensely interested in etheric weather engineering as a glimpse of tomorrow. He was a personal friend and business associate of TJC since the mid-1950s, and an ever-present source of wise counsel and engineering guidance. A graduate of Harvard and MIT, he was a leading engineer for Nationalist China’s First Aircraft Factory during WWII, and later was vice president of Harlow Aircraft, a longtime consultant to Lockheed Air Terminal in California, Executive Director of the Honolulu Airlines Committee, and vice president of Aloha Airlines. He was one of the designers of the Honolulu International Airport, and founded the Aerospace Museum there. Mr. Der Yuen understood from personal experience that humanity can only tolerate small, incremental advances. Right after World War II, he designed the all-weather, self-propelled passenger loading bridges for airliners that are used in every major airport on earth today. When he took his proposal to Lockheed Air Terminal, they told him he was way ahead of his time. Ten years later, Lockheed presented him with his own drawings and asked him to help them build these bridges. Nowadays, every up-to-date airport in the world is equipped with them.

As a respected visionary with immense practical talent and ability, Frank Der Yuen was the catalyst in bringing innumerable processes and inventions to market, putting inventors and developers creatively together with financiers. Rarely did he receive any credit, acknowledgment or recompense for these vital services. Mr. Der Yuen was responsible for introducing George K.C.Wuu to etheric rain engineering, firing his enthusiasm, and bringing him together with TJC. Their long and fruitful association in developing this new scientific art to commercial viability is entirely due to Frank Der Yuen. In a poignant end to his noble life, Frank literally died in the arms of George Wuu as they boarded an airliner in Ontario, California – on one of Frank’s famous loading bridges. This ineffable gentleman played a crucial role in bringing airborne etheric rain engineering operations to commercial feasibility. He was a true humanitarian.


COMMODORE KENNETH R. ORCUTT, USNR RET., was Commodore of the Matson Navigation Company’s fleet, and master of their flagship, SS “Maui,” throughout the major development of etheric rain engineering in the maritime mobile mode. His authorization of rain engineering equipment on the flying bridge of the Matson flagship, was a considerable concession for a man in his position to make. This key privilege made possible a succession of advances in the art, that would otherwise have required generations to achieve. The compelling technical saga facilitated by Commodore Orcutt’s tolerance, is documented for posterity on numerous reels of time-lapse videotape. Some of this video is already in public release for the enlightenment of those who cling to the canard that there is no ether. A video dedicated to airborne etheric rain engineering operations, is available to responsible government officials on letterhead request to ERE Singapore.

A gentleman freely acknowledged by his contemporaries as blessed with a genius mentality, Commodore Orcutt was not a direct participant in our shipboard projects. He just quietly kept an eye on them. A trained observer of the first rank, and an aviator, nothing escaped him. His decades as a shipmaster and a student of meteorology, allowed him to recognize the colossal accretions of moisture we often raised over the ocean – with a high barometer - as something engineered and not natural. These observational powers extended to his profound understanding of radar as a navigational aid. These abilities allowed him readily to recognize the objective influence of the new kind of engineering that produced distinctive, geometric distribution of rains around the moving ship. Radar objectified unequivocally these geometric patterns. As a longtime amateur radio operator and an electronic technician, the Commodore also understood radar’s technical constitution. A self-taught, expert computer programmer, Commodore Orcutt wrote the ship programs that now undergird what little remains of the sold out U.S. Merchant Marine. His computerized navigation programs essentially obsoleted tables and navigational methods in vogue for two centuries.

Commodore Orcutt was a former Panama Canal pilot, perhaps the most demanding of all nautical responsibilities. He once served as Hong Kong Port Captain for American President Lines, and was a yatch designer in Hong Kong. In his final assignment with the U.S. Naval Reserve, Commodore Orcutt taught ship-handling to prospective naval aircraft carrier handlers. An aircraft owner, skilled pilot and flight instructor, along with all his other stellar abilities and talents, he was the last person alive to be hoaxed by anything phoney, but he remained open to something truly new. Through his insight and high native intelligence, Commodore Orcutt allowed something newborn to breathe. As a result, steady empirical work on shipboard proved decisively the physical existence and technical accessibility of the ether, thereby beginning an advance for mankind that no power on earth can stop.

Commodore Orcutt made yet another monumental contribution to etheric rain engineering: he endlessly suggested that we go airborne, even before it was technically feasible. He pushed the whole idea. As an aeroplane pilot and a shipmaster, he understood both the key media involved. He kept advocating that we turn our thinking toward airborne development. Technical advance to physically small geometric equipment with no chemicals or electric power in 1994, made airborne etheric rain engineering possible. All of Commodore Orcutt’s expectations were dramatically fulfilled in actual operations. In the 21st century, the technology continues to follow the pathway first indicated by Commodore Orcutt. In his private life, he is a devoted, quiet humanitarian of many benefactions, most of them unknown even to his friends. This illustrious gentleman has no children, but thanks to him, Airborne Etheric Rain Engineering Operations have been born. These will bless the world’s children long after we are all gone.


COLONEL WILLIAM A. SCHAUER USAF Ret. is the first pilot in the history of the world to fly Airborne Etheric Rain Engineering Operations (AEREO). He put in 31 years service with the USAF as a fighter pilot, and after retirement built a second career in general aviation in Hawaii. An elegant pilot and longtime president of the former Aviation Historical Society of Hawaii, “Willy” Schauer donated many professional hours to educating young Hawaiians on aviation. At the time Colonel Schauer agreed to fly the pioneer missions for airborne etheric rain engineering, TJC knew him only as having once sold an aeroplane to one of his friends: Commodore Orcutt of the SS “Maui.” Having any pilot available who would tackle such a way-out venture, like engineering rain with hollow, empty tubes, was blessing enough. As the project turned out, Colonel Schauer proved to have truly phenomenal observational powers, which significantly aided the pioneering. Having spent 14 years with scores of deck officers aboard SS “Maui” – men who were professional weather observers – TJC was astonished to the point of awe by Willy Schauer’s unrivaled observational talents. Colonel Schauer flew all the missions making up “Operation Red Baron,” the designation of these pioneering flights, in 1994-96. After this, there was no doubt whatever that a major technical breakthrough had been made, and that rain engineering would henceforth progress primarily in the airborne mode. With a pilot of lesser observational talent and flying skill, AEREO would not be where it is today. When the world catches up to and grasps AEREO, the name of Colonel Willy Schauer will be among the “famous firsts” of aviation. Our supernal good fortune was to have him aboard: incomparably the man for the moment and the mission.


THE SEGRETI BROTHERS, GINO AND ANTHONY, helped support and sustain the rugged, pioneer years of etheric rain engineering from “Fort Zinderneuf” – Gino’s home on the Mojave desert 10 miles from Palm Springs, California. Gino’s first contact with etheric rain engineering was as a curious quartermaster aboard SS “Maui.,” where rain engineering experiments were frequently carried out. While most other crew members ridiculed the rain project, Gino exhibited a gift for understanding something that might easily elude a Ph.D., and often has. With only one eye, and less than fifty percent vision in that one eye, he showed an incredible ability to recognize engineered rain formations. Without formal education, Gino’s secret weapon was an uncanny, intuitive grasp of arcane processes – like the karmic awakening of ancient, dormant skills.

His interest in the entire project was intense and enduring. He wanted to continue with this work at his home on the desert –the toughest of all experimental environments – and to set up a permanent weather base there. He would be in cooperation with TJC’s San Pedro operation on the California coast. He did this when a shipboard injury suddenly ended his lengthy U.S. merchant marine service, and he was “beached.”

Many variants of geometric rain engineering equipment were tested and utilized at Fort Zinderneuf, faithfully supervised by Gino, who became an expert operator of this type of equipment. Joined later by his brother Anthony, also a U.S. merchant marine veteran, Gino held down “The Fort” for more than a decade . Anthony died in 1993. The loyalty, dependability and dedicated labor of the Segreti brothers are an example to all who merely wish for a better world.. The thousands of hours they spent in the development of etheric rain engineering proved their willingness to work for a better tomorrow, all through the really tough years of this new scientific art.


COMMODORE C.C. WRIGHT, JR. was the senior master of the Matson Navigation Company, and in command of SS Maui, the Matson flagship, when TJC joined the ship on her maiden voyage in 1978. Intelligent, open-minded and a consummate gentleman, this former skipper of Matson passenger liners readily assented to trials of novel rain engineering equipment on the ship. He took a lively interest in results. Having spent thirty or more years studying maritime radar screens, he was immediately aware of the anomalous rain patterns induced by operation of rain engineering equipment under conditions of a high barometer and low humidity. He made helpful suggestions that contributed to verification of what he was seeing electronically, and permitted our first equipment installations on the ship’s flying bridge. These were considerable concessions for a senior master to make, given the “off the wall” character of etheric rain engineering a quarter of a century ago. His interest was unflagging until his retirement in the early 1980s, when Commodore K. R. Orcutt replaced him. The scientific art of etheric rain engineering owes a debt of gratitude to Commodore Wright, still living in retirement as this is compiled in 2003.


The late GENERAL CURTIS E. LeMAY, USAF Ret., rendered unique personal assistance to Operation Clincher in southern California in 1990. Full details of this historic seasonal victory over America’s worst smog, appear elsewhere on this site. Their study is recommended for all who wish to base their judgements on results and facts. Operation Clincher was the most successful etheric engineering operation ever conducted by ERE personnel, but it would not have attained this status without the intervention of General LeMay. The Riverside, California region is a notorious accretion point for smog pollution, and that is where General LeMay lived his final years. Civic and commercial authorities there declined to assist Clincher, with backyard or rooftop bases. Upon learning that Operation Clincher needed operating sites in Riverside, General LeMay immediately arranged three, including one on his own patio. Subsequent to this decisive action, Riverside regional smog sharply declined from menacing levels, and the 1990 seasonal tallies there came in 11 percent under 1989. General LeMay’s can-do action turned Operation Clincher into an across-the-board technical victory over smog, registering a 24 per cent seasonal reduction. General LeMay passed away prior to the conclusion of Clincher, but at the time of his death he was already arranging for etheric technology to be tested in clearing fog from the USAF’s foggiest base. Men with the gumption and drive of Curtis LeMay are rare today.


The late HOWARD B. ‘SPUD’ MORROW, one of the founders of the Morrow’s Nut House national retail chain, was the first man ever to mention to TJC the notion that the weather could be controlled and rain engineered. TJC actually derided this idea when it was repeatedly brought up during desert camping trips in the early 1950s. Spud broached this idea often enough that TJC eventually ceased his objections and came to think that Spud might be right. As a millionaire businessman old enough to be TJC’s father, Spud had kindly agreed to sponsor TJC when the latter came to America for permanent residence. In the mid-1950s, on camping trips, Spud introduced TJC to UFOs, then an intriguing and controversial latter day mystery. Out of this involvement came TJCs connection to the ether as the master technical key to the UFO mystery, as outlined in his Cosmic Pulse of Life – The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs (1976). From there, it was but a short step to using basic knowledge of etheric forces in accessing the ether directly and using it technically in rain engineering and kindred functions.

Nobody was more elated, delighted and consumingly interested in etheric rain engineering, until the end of his days, than Spud Morrow. He planted a seed back in the 1950s, that came to bear abundant fruit. As a former aircraft manufacturer, veteran pilot and aviation enthusiast, Spud Morrow would have been ecstatic in 1994 to behold his vision going successfully airborne – his ultimate vindication. Etheric rain engineering operations over the years have produced some serendipitous wonders, but none more remarkable than those born of Spud Morrow’s faith that engineered weather was not only feasible, but that it would come to pass. Spud Morrow is the godfather of AEREO.


CAPTAIN EDDO FEYEN, U.S. Merchant Marine, Retired, was for several years a TJC shipmate as Chief Officer of SS “Maui.” This professional seafarer had been observing and reporting marine weather daily for decades. Eddo was an extremely acute observer, with unblocked perceptions. He was astonished at some of the monstrous rain accretions that were engineered into existence, virtually while he watched, despite a full array of rain-negating parameters. Interested, open-minded and intelligent, he soon grasped the geometric essentials of what was being done, and the simple principles involved. Before long, he could confidently predict how large, engineered rain accretions would move relative to the ship. These movements did not follow conventional patterns as predicted by the ship’s collision avoidance system computer, but were obviously governed by a different and overriding geometry. On account of his intelligent interest, sailing with Eddo Feyen, was a productive experience for TJC, lasting until his own 1992 retirement. Promoted to Captain of another Matson ship in 1993, Eddo Feyen allowed TJC to install the immediate geometric forerunners of airborne equipment on this other ship for crucial and successful provings. Captain Feyen’s reports, which TJC knew he could trust, saved us at least a developmental year prior to Operation Red Baron in Hawaii.


BEN GREGORY, who will be referred to herein simply as Greg, was an ex-U.S. Army soldier on disability. who resided across the street from Fort Zinderneufin Desert Hot Springs, California - our longtime desert base. Intrigued by the bizarre goings-on at the Fort, Greg made our acquaintance, and rapidly developed a consuming interest in weather engineering. This was by no means a one-sided happening. Greg brought with him a stunning, innate aptitude for working with etheric rain engineering equipment, which our group was quick to recognize and develop. Greg's aptitude was actually the consequence of a near-mortal encounter, while in the Army, with spinal meningitis. His medical treatment had included, incredibly, more than THIRTY spinal taps, the scars of which lined the flesh along his spine. Etheric weather engineering relies absolutely on the existence and geometric accessibility of etheric force in the atmosphere. This same etheric force is what animates our physical bodies, which otherwise descend into mineral inertia - as in death. A long-known principJe of esoteric science and medicine is that the ETHERIC BODY each of us possesses, and which makes us living beings instead of corpses, is forced out of occlusion with the physical structure by chemical medicines and drugs. In Greg's case, about three dozen spinal taps had resulted in a permanent LOOSENES S of his etheric "double body." This looseness of his etheric double resulted in Greg's extreme sensitivity to movements of the ocean of etheric energy in which we all live. Etheric weather engineering is the art and science of geometrically manipulating that etheric energy ocean and its many currents, tides and natural characteristics. Greg had been surgically made, unwittingly by Army surgeons, into a translator for such forces.

When Greg came to us, he knew nothing of such things. He was skilled as a motor mechanic, electrician, carpenter, plumber, welder and tiler and not given in any way to mysticism. He nevertheless exhibited from his first contact with weather engineering equipment, a truly phenomenal ability correctly to align and orientate such equipment. All this developed with rapid and impressive results.

As he was familiarized with basic knowledge of etheric force and its key role in weather formation, Greg became increasingly effective as an equipment operator. When he put a piece of equipment into a resonant alignment or orientation, his "loose" etheric double would react with a sensation akin to electric shock. The equipment was then "on tune," and objective physical results would ensue in local, visible weather phenomena. This invaluable sensitivity was understood by TJC, and carefully cultivated, so that in time: Greg became the most effective operator we had. TJC would often contact Greg by phone, from a hundred miles away, and have him through this link, tune TJC's equipment. There is no "here" or "there" in the etheric world, only tuning! When P-guns were developed, Greg had the sensitivity necessary to put these arcane structures on tune. The power of the P-guns is such that, even in their mini-versions, finding resonance would often send Greg flat on his back or evoke a loud cry of pain!

As Dr. Wilhelm Reich so aptly expressed it: "One must live things to know them."

The extreme significance of sensitivity was long recognized by TJC, through his studies of the work of Baron Karl von Reichenbach. This Austrian nobleman, one of the founders of the modem German chemical industry, had used his immense wealth to finance detailed investigations of etheric force, termed "od" in his writings and scientific papers. The Baron thoroughly understood the importance of "sensitives" to advancing human knowledge of etheric force. Modem America exhibits little interest in such advances, being currently seduced by the misuse of science and technology to destructive ends.

People like Ben Gregory should be cherished and sequestered as valuable human instruments for charting our course into the earth's tomorrows. What ERE Singapore of today offers to a droughted world, owes a great deal to Ben Gregory, and to the unique medical and karmic circumstances that led him to us. ERE and especially TJC, thank Greg for many years of help and cooperation toward a better world.


Chicago-born THOMAS J. BROWN has been involved with the development of etheric rain engineering for decades, and is today the Webmeister for this ERE Singapore site. Now a businessman in New Zealand, Tom Brown has labored long and mightily in that most difficult of all assignments: presentation of new ideas and conceptions to a world determined to go to hell. Formerly Director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation in California, during its most active research and publishing period (1985-1995) he edited while there a new kind of book in the form of a gigantic interview. Loom of the Future is a heavily illustrated book, with 130 photos keyed to the text. Loom dynamically presents the story of etheric rain engineering development under TJC up to 1993, and is a masterpiece of constructive editing by Tom Brown and his wife Alison. There is probably no one alive who better understands the numerous, complex travails involved in midwifing etheric rain engineering than Tom. His grasp of a vast spectrum of New Knowledge reinforces his solid editing and writing talents. TJC is personally indebted to Tom Brown for years of dedicated support and friendship, including his deft handling of nitwit critics. His design of this Website is but the latest of his many generous deeds in the service of others.