by Trevor James Constable

During the summer weeks of 2003 there were many instances of tornadic activity in U.S. areas. Clear video was recorded of tornadoes making their way across open country and into towns and villages. Etheric phenomena integumented in these scenarios, stimulated many correspondences with my own career in manipulating etheric force for rain engineering and related purposes. Typical armored perception, in the media, did not register the frequent spectacular antagonism between high voltage electricity and high potential etheric force in many of these incidents. Their essential character eluded commentators watching these happenings, as commercial transformers exploded before their eyes.

The most vivid phenomenon recorded showed a sharply defined, spinning tornado funnel advancing across the countryside, with power transformers literally exploding well ahead of its line of advance. The tornado did not need to physically contact the transformer in order to cause this explosion into a white flash of flame resembling a huge photographic flashgun. In another instance recorded on video, the tornado is advancing toward the video camera, and while it remains perhaps 100-150 yards away, a power transformer in the left foreground explodes in a white flash, as previously described. There is no visible arc or bolt from tornado to transformer. Elsewhere at other times I have seen other video recordings of these transformer explosions in the near-presence of tornadoes. I have grasped what was basically involved for decades. Only a few humans, aware of the ether’s physical existence, understood that the ether was “talking” to us in its own language — the mode of its manifestation.

Since the time of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a definite antagonism between electrical activity and high etheric potential has been acknowledged and noted in the history of orgone energy, Reich’ s name for ether. A compelling example occurred in the well-known Oranur Experiment at Reich’s laboratory in Maine. Radioactive cobalt there, which can be deemed extreme electrical activity, was brought into contact with the high etheric potential of Dr. Reich’ s specially designed and constructed orgone room. The latter was a large, metal-lined, room-sized orgone accumulator. Orgone energy concentrations within this room were considerably higher than in the surrounding outside atmosphere. Drastic and complex reactions ensued. One medical doctor, Reich’s own daughter, nearly died from exposure to these reactions. Further objective consequences included the buildings of Reich’s research facility glowing at night, testimony to which was borne by the late Dr. Elsworth Baker, a distinguished psychiatrist and author, who became head of the College of Orgonomy after Reich’ s death. Further details can be found in literature about Reich’ s life and career. These details need not concern us here, other than citing the Oranur Experiment as a starting point where antagonism between etheric force and radioactivity was first noted by professional people.

Only when etheric potentials become high — much higher than is normally present at the level where our planetary life unfolds its activity -does the ether’s antagonism toward high electric potentials become evident. This antagonism occurs when the extremely high etheric potential of a tornado vortex clashes with the high electric potential within a commercial power transformer. The electrical activity is then explosively suppressed, accompanied by a massive flash of light. This happens without the tornado necessarily touching the transformer, but rather , at some distance as occurred in the aforementioned videos recorded in the 2003 summer.

Only rarely does etheric potential reach levels sufficient to suppress electric high potentials. I have seen it happen in a somewhat unique physical situation aboard a merchant ship in a typhoon. Etheric potentials in a typhoon become drastically elevated, as the barometer goes down. (Etheric potential and barometric pressure have an inverse relationship). Within a typical marine radar, the high electric potentials necessary to key the radar’s magnetron are produced by a pulse transformer. Typical marine pulse transformers are approximately a cubic foot in size, a metal box containing the step-up windings that produce the necessary 30,000 volts or more. This metal box is filled with phenolic — and is essentially a solid block of phenolic which encases and insulates the transformer windings. The high voltage is passed to the remainder of the radar via heavy, porcelain- encased terminals on top of the box. Every technical precaution is thus taken to ensure that the 30,000 volts does not arc out of the metal transformer case.

What about something BREAKING INTO that phenolic-filled box?

That is what can happen when the entire ship, radar and all, becomes surrounded with high potential etheric force — as in a typhoon. High potential etheric force goes through material substance as though it does not exist, including the heaviest insulating phenolic. In one instance in which I was personally involved as a marine radio electronics officer, our radar’s pulse transformer failed, instantly rendering the radar inoperative. There was no lightning strike on the ship or in the wheelhouse, or on the radar indicator chassis when it happened, just a sudden failure of the radar.

When the pulse transformer was removed, a strange phenomenon was found. There was a hole right through the metal casing of the transformer on one side. This hole was PUNCHED IN. An irregular, mole-like burrow a quarter-inch in diameter, led from that hole, right through the solid phenolic to the output terminal of the transformer. The punched-in hole and burrow evidenced a charge or force from OUTSIDE going right through the metal and the phenolic, and right to the point of highest electric potential within the transformer. The ship’ s engineers later obliged me by cutting open the defunct transformer, revealing the detail I have described.

Numerous instances of etheric force immobilizing electrical circuitry exist in the phenomenology of UFOs, which are etheric in origin. Aware of such instances, and also of the Oranur Experiment, the shipboard experience with the pulse transformer burnout was a direct personal lesson in this kind of elemental antagonism. My opinion is that phenomena in this category of antagonism between the two energy forms, contains a definite living element. When the etheric potential becomes high enough, it “goes for” the highest electric potential as though determined to extinguish the electrical activity. Even a five watt mentality can see how useless electronic and electrically-based weaponry would be, in an environment dominated by etheric technology — as portended by certain UFO phenomena.

In conversations with other veteran radio officers later, I found that several had “lost” their radars in extreme weather conditions via pulse transformer burnout. Unless exposed to the clearly penetrant power of extremely high potential etheric force, a pulse transformer could normally be expected last the life of the radar in which it is installed.

Earlier, I outlined the etheric force factors at work in the special way that mobile homes and trailers in parks simply seem to explode in the proximity of tornadic activity .The tornado does not have to descend directly on the mobile home. Etheric potential within the home is lowered below the etheric potential of the surrounding atmosphere, by virtue of its metallic exterior sheath and interior insulating surface. The typical mobile home is thus a negative etheric accumulator following the law of etheric potential, which is that low potential ether flows to higher potential ether- exactly opposite to electricity. Violent expansion takes place from within the mobile home to the extremely high etheric potential of the tornado. The mobile home therefore explodes remotely from the actual vortex. Mobile homes in parks, are often seen to blow apart at the approach of a tornado.

A kindred phenomenon appears as the extremely high potential of a tornado explodes commercial power transformers in the tornado’s vicinity. Etheric force penetrates all physical substance, including transformer casings and mobile home shells, which the ether can readily penetrate. These are not isolated happenings. Sufficient video recordings now exist of this phenomenon for scientific studies to be made. Scientists will find that explanations that exclude the ether and its basic laws from such happenings, are fundamentally flawed.

Related effects occur with airborne etheric rain engineering operations. When a typical “P-gun” is used on a light aeroplane or helicopter in a rain el1gineeering operation, a major etheric flow is interdicted by correct use of this ultra-simple device. Local blockage of a vast etheric flow that actually goes right around this planet takes place. When that immense etheric flow is locally and temporarily blocked, etheric potentials within that blocked area build up rapidly, because even slight elevation of these potentials is immediately reinforced from beyond the blockage point by a further instreaming from the main flow. This rapid etheric potential build-up, condenses water from the atmosphere in prodigious amounts — visible as imminent rain. Such build-ups have been abundantly recorded on time-lapse video. When the wise and experienced airborne etheric rain engineer sees the build-up commencing, he will shut down his translator, turn his aircraft around, and get back to base with all speed.

This kind of engineered rain seems to come from out of nowhere, and has no connection to any formal meteorological theories or predictions. All our professional pilots in ERE Singapore have experienced such rains, rapidly materializing contra-forecast and contra-expectations. Thunder and lightning often accompany such operations. The experience can be chastening, especially for anyone hewing to the obsolete view that there is no ether .

Once a substantial build up of etheric potential like this is produced by airborne etheric rain engineering, the effects of the engineered blockage of a major flow may recede “backwards” from the blockage site for perhaps a hundred miles. When this blocked flow recovers, and resumes, extensive rainfall is likely to accompany resumption of its normal passage, along with turbulence and hours of rainfall. Sometimes there are consequences for electric power systems over the areas where the original engineering was carried out. Some of these consequences can include happenings eerily similar to the explosion of the shipboard pulse transformer described earlier. The “aroused” ether goes for the highest voltage transformers, and other apparatus, and seeks to extinguish their activity.

Up until now, formal science has hidden behind some thoroughly disreputable shibboleths, such as “there is no ether.” The antagonism between high potential etheric force and high voltage electricity is starkly real. Scores of thousands of volts of electricity can be immobilized and extinguished by high potential etheric force. There are scores of encounters with UFOs, dating from the earliest modem days of the phenomena, where the ability of etheric technology to suspend electrical activity has been demonstrated. This is a scientific arena that calls for the entry of dauntless men and women of vision, who will fight for the earth’s etheric tomorrow. With AEREO, Airborne Etheric Rain Engineering Operations, we only have touched the fringe of this revolutionary technology, localized and primitive. The Civilization of the Universe undoubtedly has the technology in sophisticated advancement. That much may be fairly inferred from ultraviolet-sensitive videotapes shot by NASA 300 miles above the earth, and now in the public domain. Drastic and extensive revisions of the mechanistic world-order are in the immediate human future.