Reflections of a weather engineer
Trevor James Constable

Terminological confusion .encumbers and impedes discussions of weather engineering, and frequently confounds scientists. Why is this so? The main reason is that the late Wilhelm Reich MD, added ORGONE ENERGY to Western thinking in electricity and kindred fields in 1939-40. He characterized it as a specific biological energy, and official science resisted this addition to the energy armamentarium. Official science still resists or gone energy, seventy years after its discovery.

No effort was made by official Western science to investigate Dr. Reich’s lengthy clinical and practical career, which included his service as First Clinical Assistant to Dr. Sigmund Freud. From those days to these, all of official medicine appears stupefied when called on to explain the difference between a living human being, and a corpse. Dr. Reich devoted his life to the detectable energic presence in a living human, that is no longer present in a corpse. Official science took the silent way out, tacitly agreeing with official psychiatry that Dr. Reich was crazy. For his stellar discovery, Reich’s reward was to be misrepresented and misunderstood the rest of his life, culminating in his death in an American Federal prison.

Convinced through long experimental experience that he had identified the energy of LIFE ITSELF, Dr. Reich was compelled by a storm of opposition to found a new and independent scientific discipline, which he called orgonomy. He took this step to protect and develop further what he had discovered as a universal presence in the living organism, in the soil, in the atmosphere, and in every living thing from the microbe to the mastodon. He chose the name orgonomy to relate the to things organic, to the organism, and to the orgasm, in which primal convulsion we all have our physical roots.

Through his extensive clinical experience with psychoanalysis, Dr. Reich had learned many nasty things about his men. Especially was he aware of what normal-seeming men hid behind their many masks. His work had to be protected from such men, because Dr. Reich knew that they could only react to his life-giving breakthrough by seeking to kill that discovery.

Dr. Reich published his experimental methods in special Orgone Energy Bulletins for other scientists to study and replicate. He wrote several books, including the monumental two-volume study, “The Discovery of the Orgone.” He left behind after his death, approximately 100,000 pages of manuscript, enough for ten more books. Those who have dreams of becoming writers may marvel at the magnitude of this legacy. There was, and there is therefore, nothing whatsoever secret about orgonomy. Far from it.

Thousands of years before America was even thought of, ancient China’s physicians had recognized what Dr. Wilhelm Reich, centuries later, would call orgone energy — the life force. The ancient Chinese doctors called this force CHI. They still call it CHI. The existence of flows of CHI along meridians of the human etheric body, to sustain and maintain the various organs, glands and tissues, are an integral part of a Chinese physician’s education.. This approach is highly developed and well-understood in China. CHI remains outside Western medicine, which has been overwhelmed and largely subverted by profit-driven, drug-based medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, is the art of correctly directing the CHI to eliminate blockages to the CHI’s proper flow. Chinese herbs, rightly understood and applied, bring cosmic forces into the healing process. Many years are required to understand and apply these advanced herbal therapies. Three thousand years ago, China already had a complete pharmacopoeia, based upon normalizing CHI flow. The Chinese doctor thus freely uses in his healing art, the same forces of CHI that landed the distinguished Dr. Reich in a Federal prison. He passed away a week before his scheduled release in 1957.

By 1950, Reich had wearied of the seemingly endless task of treating psychoanalytically, people with disordered psyches. Thousands of persons needed help. Civilized life ruined healthful functioning far faster than the stricken could be helped via psychiatry. Even though Dr. Reich added manipulative techniques to his treatments, which aimed at releasing or gone energy bound in the musculature, the process was accelerated somewhat, but remained a slow one. Dr. Reich began extending the bioenergetic reaches of his orgone discovery.

Dr. Reich’s powers of observation were truly phenomenal, according to the late biologist, Robert A. McCullough. He worked with Dr. Reich for two years. McCullough himself was an exceptional observer and also a sensitive. He was associated closely with this writer in weather engineering for over twenty years. McCullough told the writer of the numerous times that Dr. Reich had detected with his ultra-sharp vision what he, McCullough, had completely overlooked.

Dr. Reich’s observational powers were soon drawn to the surface of nearby Lake Mooslookmeguntic in Maine. Distinct “heat waves” appeared above the lake’s ,surface,; He returned repeatedly to these “heat waves,” which are more properly known as “atmospheric boil.” Reich noted that there was a distinct directional component to this atmospheric boil, and it ran mainly from west to east. He asked himself what could be the cause of this undeniable directional effect.

Regular observation ruled out the wind as the motional cause. Sometimes, Dr. Reich would note that the atmospheric boil would reverse its direction of flow. He further noted that the reversal happened when there was a large low pressure system lying west of Maine. Could all this be due to a vast regional flow of orgone, or CHI? Dr. Reich kept studying these motions, without reaching any firm conclusion, until a small accident one day made a valid physical connection possible. This connection portended vast potential, including revolutionary revisions of physics.

Construction was in progress in the buildings of the Reich facility in Maine. In a hollow in the ground nearby, a jumble of pipes, lumber and other construction items had been roughly stored. There were several inches of rainwater in this hollow, on whose edge Dr. Reich stood while making his observations of the lake. On this occasion, intent on his observations, he missed his footing and stepped down on to the pipes in the hollow.

This caused one pipe to rise up as its opposite end was pressed down into the rainwater in the hollow. Dr. Reich was astonished to see the atmospheric boil above the lake’s surface – far out on the lake — jump upward as though in response. He again pressed the crucial pipe end down into the water in the hollow. Again the atmospheric boil far out on the lake jumped in response. Repetitions confirmed the connection.

This was action at a distance. Reich saw its significance, his genius aroused by the obvious possibility of controlling the orgone flow, and thereby controlling the weather. The earth’s orgone energy (CHI), in a massive west-to east regional flow in the Maine latitude, could actually be reached, and influenced, by a pipe grounded at one end into water. A single pipe could influence that flow. He had done that already. Dr. Reich’s enthusiasm for bioenergetic research had presented him with an immense challenge: exploring weather control by tapping into the regional flow of orgone energy (CHI).

Perhaps that flow could be built up or diminished or diverted in some way. First he would need to use his powers of observation to establish something of the flow laws of orgone (CHI). He would need to design a device consisting not just of a single pipe, but of an array of pipes. He could ground this device into water and use it to access the observable skies. Thus he could begin to probe the physics of this regional energy flow. He could possibly find out, as a practical matter, just how much such activity could be controlled –and perhaps engineered! Thus was born the device that entered history, and began an all-new science, the cloudbuster.

What Dr. Reich conceived, in an astounding prevision of genius, involved no arcane circuitry. A ten dollar transistor radio far exceeds the cloudbuster in complexity. Five telescoping metal tubes were mounted side-by-side, in a two-over-three pattern, on a rotatable platform. One end of each tube was attached to a flexible BX cable that could be lowered into water, preferably flowing water. The tubes could be elevated from the horizon to the zenith, or set at any intermediate point. He now could access the entire skyscape with his invention.

Rapidly, Dr. Reich found out that if this assembly were aimed at a discrete cloud, that cloud would in due course disappear. That is, the device would “bust” that cloud. Hence the name, “cloudbuster.” Dr. Reich similarly discovered that if the cloudbuster were aimed near a cloud, rather than directly at it, the cloud would in due course expand and fill in the space between itself and the point of aim. Dr. Reich carefully made time-lapse films of both the busting and augmentation functions.

In overcast conditions, leaving the cloudbuster aimed directly upward, HOLES in the overcast would eventually appear. The pattern of the holes replicated the two-over-three mounting of the tubes on the cloudbuster. There was no chemistry or electric circuitry involved in performing these extraordinary functions. Dr. Reich had begat a wondrous instrument.

This writer has designed, built and used more than twenty cloudbuster devices of various kinds. Ranging from straight Reich-type units down to grossly simpler, ungrounded geometric units that can be taken inside light aircraft or helicopter cabins, or attached to their wingstruts or landing skid assembly, they all worked. Cloudbuster functions are the future calling to man, and such units are not made out of dream stuff.

The writer has countless hours of time-lapse video verifying that the technology founded by the genius of Dr. Reich is alive and healthy and completely proven. The cloudbuster was a monumental breakthrough to what could now fairly be called CHI ENGINEERING, should the Chinese elect ever to harness this primary force for purposes other than medicine.


Since the CHI is universal, so that the CHI flow in the Maine of Wilhelm Reich is also the CHI flow of China, and of Australia, Africa and Russia. CHI flows in all countries. This energy flows through all countries. The CHI or orgone flows without asking any doctor’s or scientist’s or politician’s permission. No learned society controls or authorizes CHI or orgone.