Real-world observations from practical professional men.

“I haven’t the faintest idea of WHY rain happens in these operations. BUT IT HAPPENS!”
–Colonel W.A. Schauer, USAF Ret. 
First pilot in world history to fly airborne etheric 
rain engineering missions. Veteran USAF fighter 
pilot (31 years service). Pilot for pioneer provings 
of airborne etheric rain engineering missions, Hawaii.

“I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD WORK! I could not believe that it was possible for empty tubes to generate rain, with no chemicals to be dispersed in the air. But, in my experience, NEVER have I seen such violent weather appear, without any warning, from clear conditions. Lightning strikes on both sides of my aircraft further convinced me. These methods are very efficient and effective.”
–Captain Bala Ratnam, Singapore. 
U.S.-trained, FAA-Licensed Pilot and Instructor. 
Veteran of more than 20 airborne etheric rain 
engineering missions in S.E. Asia.

“I have flown in tropical conditions in most of my career of more than 30 years as a commercial pilot. I know tropical weather, from extensive experience flying commercially in regions like Myanmar and Malaysia. I flew rain missions with some of this equipment in a Short Skyvan, out of Subang International in Kuala Lumpur. The effects were extraordinary. I hope to see this used in Myanmar, where bad droughts are frequent.”
–Captain Paw Tun
Malaysia Air Transport, Kuala Lumpur

“Definitely a practical, environmentally pure means of engineering rain, with an unlimited future.”
–Edmund Wuu, Singapore.
FAA-Licensed fixed wing and helicopter pilot.
Participant in etheric rain engineering missions in
Malaysia and China, including history’s first coordinated
wing-helicopter operations.