The Anatomy of a Challenge
by Trevor James Constable, October 2004

As a string of Atlantic hurricanes devastated Florida and many other areas of the eastern USA, numerous persons familiar with my etheric weather engineering work, have asked what might be done to lessen these chains of calamitous hurricane events, by using etheric technology. Conventional technology has no rational answer to the problem. Lunatic suggestions to explode atomic bombs against the eye wall of these immense vortexial systems, attest to orthodoxy’s dangerous bankruptcy, and also to orthodoxy’s perpetual readiness to embrace the murderous.

Establishment thought and technology has no effective and safe palliative for hurricanes, and nothing in sight except H-bombs. Why? Orthodox thinking and the habits it produces, function an octave too low – neurotically locked down in the ‘safe’ zone of the lifeless. Hurricanes are life energy in high action. No access to life energy principles is possible for minds dragooned from puberty to accept the fraudulent teaching that there is no life energy and no ether.

As a practical matter, there is scant possibility that the necessary funding and resources would be made available to expand the successful work with hurricanes and kindred systems that I have done in the past, because of this fraudulent teaching and its consequences. Political leaders and their satellite scientists, as well as the media clones of our negative world, are structurally incapable of accepting or dealing with the life energy or its technological use. That is the main reason why airborne etheric rain engineering, and its demonstrable capabilities has been evaded for more than a decade in a droughted world. Countless reels of time-lapse videotape, showing the life energy being accessed technically and used technologically to engineer rain, evoke no rational scientific interest, only the desire to negate, evade and avoid the physical reality of life force.

Reactions of this negative kind pervade the scientific world wherever the life energy is revealed by any kind of technical activity, such as diverting or deactivating hurricanes, that brings the life energy into use, focus or consideration. These negative attitudes and reactions, the operative effects of mankind’s most serious structural bias, have retarded human progress by centuries. We earthlings are centuries astern of where we innately belong and could be, were it not for the predominant negativity of the earth plane, and the hidden powers sustaining that negativity.

Dealing with hurricanes gives us a contemporary opportunity to illuminate how this kind of bias – now virtually an affliction of our species – retards progress and condemns millions of humans to unnecessary losses, suffering and misery. The core of the problem is not so much technological, as it is emotional and neurotic. The real-world violence of hurricanes is an ideal backdrop against which to examine the pathological formatting that lavishly sustains imperial foreign wars, while recoiling from the massive manifestations of vital energy behind hurricanes. The warfare is rationalized. Only the hurricane is terrible.

The particular etheric force that creates the hurricane’s eye, goes also to the roots of our own lives. The motional physics of the typical hurricane, are a macro-replication of the bodily human superimpositions that produced everyone reading this, starting with the ‘eye’ of their conception! The blocked organismic movement of this etheric force – the life energy – is the source of personal behavioral problems in most people, as the late Dr Wilhelm Reich elucidated for mankind before his death in an American penitentiary, and the burning of his scientific books and papers by the American government. The Children of Tomorrow must never know what makes their hearts beat. The same force might propel a car, or light a house, or replace wired electricity and gasoline.

Dr. Reich demonstrated clinically that when the organismic life force moves strongly in a body accustomed to life energy stasis, terror is experienced. This is a consuming terror that the afflicted will do anything to suppress – including bolting from therapy. While this is an individual scenario, its essentials are conveyed to the organizations and enterprises such blocked individuals ensoul. In a typically perverse fashion therefore, great institutions and organizations would rather have the hurricane, than have it modified by life energy laws and technology.

Diverting, diminishing or controlling hurricanes by methods rooted in the same etheric laws that create the hurricanes, is thus resisted technically, behaviorally and conceptually. To show or demonstrate that the life energy can be used technologically, evokes irrational denials of objective, irrefutable evidence.

Confronted with unassailable time-lapse videotape, men who have been right through a distinguished university, will often respond with “I don’t believe that.” Belief is readily enthroned over demonstrated fact by doctors of philosophy – when the life energy is involved. This reality has been encountered by me, and by the Singapore ERE organization, for nearly 40 years. That is why I do not chase after governments, offering programs to diminish or divert hurricanes, and why governments will certainly not chase after me.

The responsible institutions actually prefer dealing with damage, suffering and misery, to dealing with the life force. That which is life-negative is neurotically comfortable. The life force to which I have devoted most of my earthly sojourn, is uncomfortable, disquieting and disturbing to blocked personages. Great indeed is the fear of the living in our anticivilization – itself an appalling sink of negativity.

In the now out-of-print, comprehensive history of my weather work entitled Loom of the Future, two factual accounts appear of two different modes of dealing with hurricane systems. These modes are the fixed-base operation, and the mobile operation. In the case of Hurricane Iniki, in Hawaii in 1992, a timely and effective diversionary influence was exerted on Iniki, by the writer, that prevented its projected impact on the city of Honolulu, leading to reports of grateful amazement in the Honolulu Advertiser the following day. Shoved by etheric engineering a little to the west from its estimated course, Iniki hit the island of Kauai instead, with terrible consequences. Similar impaction of the monstrous Iniki on populous, tightly integrated Honolulu city, would have resulted in a $15 billion damage bill, and thousands of casualties – at least. The writer was able to bring about this diversion of a massive hurricane through the use of a single piece of etherically actuated equipment on his penthouse deck, at Punaluu in northeastern Oahu, not even an ideal site from which to produce the desired diversion. None of the hurricanes that battered Florida in 2004 was as fierce as Iniki, with its 937 millibar eye and l50 mph winds.

Counter-action against Iniki was from a fixed base, utilizing etheric engineering principles. The technical knowledge involved was developed in literally thousands of shipboard rain and weather engineering operations conducted during 300 Pacific ocean crossings. The practical efficacy of these technological applications of etheric force, is attested to in numerous time-lapse videotapes. In eight years of residence at Punaluu, Hawaii, the writer also carried out extensive investigations of regional etheric force from his large penthouse deck, nine floors above the ground. This experience was invaluable in the Iniki incident.

The years of mobile, high seas operations on shipboard, making constant use of radar, equipped the writer with a basic understanding of how weather systems could be made to behave, within limits, by understanding and applying the operative laws of etheric force. A collision avoidance system, using information from the ship’s two radars, left no doubt that the laws of etheric force overrode conventional expectations of weather system movement. Higher laws prevail in etheric rain engineering operations.

In Loom of the Future, the writer also describes a mobile encounter with a hurricane between Los Angeles and Honolulu, aboard the Matson container ship SS Maui with Commodore Kenneth Orcutt USNR in command. He requested my intervention. This particular hurricane was approaching Honolulu from the east, in such a way that its northeast quadrant arrived on the ship’s stern the evening before the Maui’s scheduled Honolulu arrival. The island of Oahu was on hurricane alert for that same day. Simple countermeasures were initiated on the Maui’s flying bridge, utilizing water-powered etheric engineering equipment of almost incredible simplicity. Procedures learned in years of practical experiment with etheric force, were applied to a pending hurricane disaster.

On the ship’s 3 centimeter radar, clearly discernible bands of countering force, could be seen moving astern, directly away from the ship and perpendicular to the hurricane winds on our stern. These bands were pulses of etheric force, made tangible to radar by the water they had directly absorbed from the atmosphere. They were “backwashing” directly into the extremely high potential etheric force impelling the hurricane and creating the hurricane’s wind flows. This radar scenario objectified our engineering intention to diminish, or perhaps completely remove, ONE ARM OF THE HURRICANE — the arm on our stern. Every hurricane system is existentially dependent on having TWO atmospheric arms, each of which is underlaid and driven by a stream of etheric force. These two arms superimpose to create the hurricane’s eye and systemic winds, those winds being entrained by the etheric flows involved. The hurricane is an implosive etheric vortex that impels the atmospheric circulation we see objectified and tracked by meteorologists on TV.

By dawn, the Maui was in fair weather. The US Navy at Pearl Harbor had sent out an aircraft at daylight to precisely fix the hurricane’s eye, but the system menacing Honolulu had vanished, engineered out of existence overnight.

This mobile etheric engineering experience, and the fixed-base Iniki operation, give a good introduction to what has been done factually in the past. This knowledge is capable of implementation – in the here-now – to influencing hurricanes. In the case of the typical, annual Florida series of hurricanes, simple, inexpensive diversionary bases can be set up along the Florida coast for inconsequential funds – peanut money. Such little bases would require no chemicals or electric power, and could be arranged to prevent hurricanes coming ashore, especially if their functioning were coordinated with shipborne etheric engineering equipment, and with airborne units. Such operations would need to be developed in practical formats, but would be far simpler in cost and complexity than, say, sending to John Wayne to Iraq.

The many reporting TV meteorologists that we see standing in the rain in oilskins and sou’wester hats, looking like old time ads for Scott’s Emulsion, typify our current attitudes to hurricanes. The reporters appear drenched with rain and buffeted by the winds in full view of the TV audience. They epitomize and exemplify the idee fixe that we just have to stand and TAKE WHAT MOTHER NATURE HANDS OUT. Not so.

The successful use of etheric engineering equipment aboard aircraft is already a demonstrated practical reality. No chemicals or electric power are utilized, just geometry, direction and velocity, plus access to the etheric continuum, with all its liberating portent for mankind. Airborne etheric rain engineering technology adds another potentially powerful dimension to any hurricane control measures. Particularly is this true in learning to take one arm off a hurricane, in an airborne adaptation of our hurricane adventure on the SS Maui. Preparations for such positive action should be initiated without delay, building up experience and extending my basic discoveries before the next hurricane season. Such experience can be secured by undertaking the diversion and dismantlement of ordinary low pressure systems that are available year round. The hurricane is the ultimate version of the low pressure system, which springs from the same geometric roots The alternative to such constructive, rational, inexpensive approach to hurricane diversion is what we have now: just standing there and taking what Mother Nature hands out – like the TV reporters in oilskins and sou’wester hats.

The cardinal technical principle involved in any hurricane control measures, is to use the colossal energies of etheric force in a hurricane, AGAINST THE HURRICANE. A science that thinks an octave too low, with no understanding of what vital energy actually is, cannot access and technologically utilize that force. The chief characteristic of vital energy is that it flows from low potential to high potential – the reverse of conventional, standard concepts of energy potentials.

Under such a technical regime, relatively small, geometric devices , when appropriately shaped, mounted and directed , can exert quite stupendous influence on a hurricane, via their etheric emissions. Elegant, effective, and employing no chemicals or electromagnetic radiation, such an approach stands in contrast to the dark threats that nuclear bombs will be cast into the eyewall of a hurricane. Presumably, that can only be done with all the required geometric parameters governing atomic explosions, such as time and position, suitably satisfied. Perhaps that isn’t too easy within a powerful etheric vortex, and bloody dangerous as well. Furthermore, given the antagonism between concentrated vital energy and atomic energy that Wilhelm Reich demonstrated, the bomb might not go off.

The necessary preparatory work for the kind of constructive hurricane diversionary work I have outlined, will take some time, plus protected status and minor financial resources. In my opinion, with a year of such preparatory work, our entire posture vis-à-vis the Florida hurricane season, would be totally transformed from terror to confidence that we were finally doing something meaningful about hurricane diversion and control, instead of just standing in the rain.

Before being swamped by “irrational exuberance” over these prospects, a necessary remembrance is that the scientist who broke through to the primal secret of the low-to-high flow law of etheric force, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, died in a Federal prison in 1957. The American government then burned the scientist’s books and experimental bulletins containing knowledge necessary to combat hurricanes and the destruction they inflict on our country and on the lives of our fellow human beings world-wide. This miserable book-burning occurred in America less than 50 years ago, paralleling Berlin in 1934, and demonstrating how little we learned from WWII. The hidden powers behind that New York book-burning are with us still. Their wish is to prevent the wondrous powers of vital energy from liberating the human beings that they regard, and treat, as cattle.