Rain engineering operations herein exemplify practical results achieved since 1968. Successful operations have been mounted in several countries, on the high seas, and latterly, in airborne applications. U.S. projects were advance-notified to the U.S. authorities (NOAA) on the prescribed Federal forms. Projects were then executed successfully.

For forty years, billions have been expended on the uncertainties of cloud-seeding. This crude chemical insult has proved futile in defeating drought, now an advancing planetary menace. Tons of cloud-seeding chemicals are injected annually into the atmosphere, descending to contaminate the life chain. Environental cleanup must simultaneously be pursued environmental cleanup.

An environmentally pure technology has been developed by practical men, to deal with drought effectively. No chemicals or radiation in any form are employed. Etheric rain engineering accesses and technologically employs the chemical ether, which permeates and controls the atmosphere via the ether’s mighty, yet gossamer-subtle flows.

Renowned scientist Sir Oliver Lodge theorized a century ago that “the ether is a physical thing.” This has now been comprehensively documented, on video tape at horizon distance. Specially-designed geometric forms aboard a speeding ship were used to manipulate the ether. The ether influences the atmosphere. Rain engineering thus became feasible. Substantial rains have been engineered at sea, inside vast high pressure cells, documented by the unfailing vigil of time-lapse video cameras.

Long-standing classical theories have been obsoleted by substantial video proof now available of the ether’s physical existence. Orthodoxy’s “etherless” universe has become old history. A dynamic new era has opened.

New-design geometric translators have finally permitted AIRBORNE operations – a long-awaited breakthrough. Drought reversal over large territories became feasible. Airborne tests in Hawaii, and in Malaysia, reveal a stunning potential. Chemicals or electric power are not required. The techniques are simple, environmentally pure – and effective.

Practical implementation of the technology now requires courageous leadership. Environmental and economic devastation from drought can be ended. Men of force and vision will secure this new era for all mankind. Only RESULTS count!