The Nature and Cause of the Earth’s Rotation

from The Etheric Formative Forces
in Cosmos, Earth & Man

by Guenther Wachsmuth, 1932

The diagram shows the etheric structure of the earth at mid­day. The entire space between the solid earth and the outermost atmosphere — that is, the spheres of Warmth Ether, Light Ether, and Chemical Ether — are interpenetrated by Warmth Ether; but at the same time the atmosphere is also interpenetrated by the exhaled Chemical Ether. The basic structure is, therefore, reduced to chaos; the earth is awake. During this time, accordingly, that part of the earth organism turned toward the sun is, as it were, saturated in all its spheres with Warmth Ether.

the etheric structure of the earth at mid­day

While in this way that half of the earth organism, with its etheric and vegetable components, which is turned toward the sun is passing through the process described, the other side, at the same time turned away from the sun, reestablishes the basic structure of its strata; this side is, there­fore, as it were, unsaturated by the etheric forces necessary to its vital process. What now happens is simply the result of that which is so characteristic of all organic bodies — heliotropism, the eternal striving toward the sun. Just as plants always systematically turn again toward the sun and induce in their physical bodies the requisite motions directed toward the sun, impelled from within, in order to grow toward the sun by the shortest way, and just as the most recent researches have shown beyond dispute the same heliotropism in the case of animals of the most varied kinds, so does the part of the earth organism which is not saturated with the Warmth Ether of the earth and Life Ether of the sun strive to be exposed to the action of the sun (heliotropism), while the part of the earth organism which has been reduced to chaos, saturated with the etheric forces, strives to restore its static basic complex undisturbed by the action of the sun.

The rotation, therefore, is not the result of a mechanical driving of the dead earth body by forces of unknown origin; but the rotation of the solid earth is a natural result of the rhythmical processes within the etheric formative forces of the earth organism itself — that is, the etheric formative forces which in their rhythmical action call forth the phenomena of life in the earth organism also induce the rotation necessary for this purpose on the part of the earth body, formed, maintained and vitalized by them.

Just as blood circulates through the human organism, warming and vitalizing it, so also does the Warmth Ether, saturating port by part the earth organism, circulate around the rotating earth body, keeping it alive. The “warmth-night” and “warmth-day” thus alternate as a rhythmical result in the different parts of the earth organism. The rotation of the earth can be understood only if we know that it is the etheric earth which induces this rotation of the solid earth, and not the reverse.