Etheric Rainmaking with Trevor James Constable

Proof of the existence of the Ether and demonstration of it’s application in Weather Engineering.

An educational video presentation by pioneer Etheric Rain Engineer Trevor Constable. 

With the experience of over four decades of research growing out of the orgone energy cloudbuster work of Wilhelm Reich synthesized with the etheric sciences of Rudolf Steiner, Trevor shows how quickly and easily rain can be engineered, contrary to forecast.

Your view of the world will be changed forever by seeing how an incredibly simple geometric tube attached to an airplane on a 20 minute flight can produce prodigious amounts of rain in short order. While scientists argue over whether or not the Ether exists, Trevor bypasses all that discussion and directly accesses it in a precisely engineered manner to produce real world results.

This is not magic or mysticism, rather it is the gateway to an advanced life-positive technology.