What is the Ether?


This is a broad question covering hundreds, if not thousands of years of scientific and philosophical endeavor. Battles of words have raged over whether or not the ether exists. Etheric Rain Engineering Pty has leapt all the intellectual hurdles and has directly accessed the ethers with real world results, as described on this website.

Chief rain engineer Trevor James Constable has utilized the conceptual basis for the ethers as propounded by Rudolf Steiner. Mr. Constable has termed Dr. Steiner “ONE OF MANKIND’S GREATEST TEACHERS,” and says his teachings provided him with crucial and invaluable guidance. Steiner. and the many qualified scientists that he influenced, have provided mankind with a formidable legacy of New Knowledge. Included in this legacy are comprehensive descriptions of the earth’s ether economy, which Constable utilized in developing his etheric weather engineering techniques. Mr. Constable considers knowledge of Steiner’s work indispensable to healthy and solid progress for humanity. Dr. Steiner died in 1925, but the importance of his work is only now being realized.

The following pages linked below cover historical writings as well as various extensions and understandings of Steiner’s etheric researches into the modern day.

This Etheric Formative Forces is an extract from the work of one of Dr. Steiner’s scientific associates which provides a thumbnail overview of the ethers. Please bear in mind that it is the “Chemical Ether” that is technically accessed during Etheric Rain Engineering operations.

Etheric Formative Forces

A further extract from the above mentioned researcher: The Nature and Cause of the Earth’s Rotation from The Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth & Man by Guenther Wachsmuth, 1932

The Rotation of the Earth

Observations by TJC on the Ether and Electricity in relationship to weather:

High Etheric Potential vs High Voltage Electricity

Further notes on the Ether and Electricity, an excerpt from a letter written by TJC to Jeff Rense, the international internet talk show host, on 30 April 2003.   This concerns practical etheric effects in the earth environment:

Rense Letter

The Cosmic Blueprint of the etheric forces, a chapter from Trevor Constable’s Cosmic Pulse of Life:
Cosmic Blueprint

Observations by the webmaster on the relationship between the Light Ether and Electricity, to provide further perspective on the above writings, as well as to further elucidate the etheric sciences:
Light & Electricity