Evidence of Etheric Rain Engineering on the Radar Screen

First Use of Simple “Cloudbuster” Aboard SS Maui, 1979

Vessel is at screen center. Screen diameter is 48 nautical miles. Heading flasher is diagonal dotted line, showing ship heading southwest. Ship’s speed is 22 knots. Barometer is 1025 millibars. Relative Humidity is 75 percent. Radar shows no rain echoes at cloudbuster turn-on, at 8.30pm ship’s time.
Radarscope at 9.30pm. Display shows rain echoes that developed at 10-12 miles directly ahead of the vessel, right on the radar heading flasher. This was in response to cloudbuster operation, aiming over the ship’s stern, along the fore-and-aft line of the vessel. Rain squall activity spread out in arrowhead form to each side of the ship. Squall activity diminished sharply once abaft the vessel’s beam. Geometry of the scenario remained unchanged until cloudbuster shut down on suggestion of Commodore Wright, a witness to the action. Cloudbuster was shut down at 9.40pm.
Radarscope at 10.30pm. Rain echoes are no longer generated dead ahead on vessel’s course line. Arrowhead rain formation is dissipating. Only fragments of former squall display remain, falling astern. Entire incident is described in the preceding text. Engineered rain echoes around the Maui always fell into geometric patterns, whose form was a function of the particular rain engineering equipment and the way it was employed. The arrowhead formation of squalls was only one of many engineered rain patterns objectified on radar.


Radar No Metaphysics, No Magic, No Mysticism Simply Engineering!


Engineered Wall of Rain (photo 1)

Oahu Photo #1. Colossal wall of rain, over 40 nautical miles long and up to 10 miles thick, advances on the SS Maui (X) from magnetic east – after being engineered into existence by etheric engineering equipment aboard the ship. The basic method is described earlier, in the text. The diagonal line of dashes, running from X to the radar screen perimeter, is the ship’s heading flasher. Each dash, and each space, denotes 2 miles of over-the-ocean distance. Scope diameter is 48 nautical miles. Ship’s speed is 18 knots.

As the ship steers 070 degrees for California, the east-to-west tropical flow of etheric force near Oahu, Hawaii, is being dammed up by engineering procedures, as the vessel moves. Local damming of this vast flow of etheric force, causes a local rise in etheric potential, which immediately attracts atmospheric water vapor to the dammed area. This in turn, causes normal potential from farther east to pile into the higher potential, dammed area, obeying the the reverse flow laws of the etheric continuum. This influx of etheric force further elevates potentials in the dammed area. This area powerfully attracts further atmospheric water vapor, regardless of the barometer, which in this case was 1020mb.

Result is the creation, “out of nothing,” of a vast rain line like this, containing perhaps millions of tons of water over its 40 mile length. Massive, continuous pushing by the east-west tropical ether flow, against the pulsatory etheric emissions and blocking action of the shipboard apparatus, produces still more etheric excitation, with the whole system eventually driven to “lumination” or discharge potential. Torrential rain is then released from the accretion.

Rising winds west of this engineered front show in the wide band of radar “clutter,” or spurious sea return, around and mainly behind SS Maui. Radar does not lie.

Engineered Wall of Rain (photo 2)

Oahu photo #2 shows what happens once the engineered rain line has overwhelmed the Maui, as a result of the combined effect of the ship’s eastward velocity, and the globe-girdling thrust of the tropical east-west ether flow. The damming effect that created this rain mass has been removed. A scant 12 miles beyond the Maui, the reflectivity and size of the rain mass have both sharply diminished. The rain system has shrunk from more than 40 to less than 27 miles in length. The entire rain mass has also slewed northward into a new orientation to the Maui, almost parallel to her course. At the Maui, a wind shift of almost 90 degrees has occurred, as denoted by the objective change in distribution of the radar sea clutter around the ship. The slewed 0rain mass is continuing to draw etheric force from the translators on the ship, but once west of the ship, no damming influence can be exerted in these latitudes, such as that shown in the first Oahu radar screen photo. The rain mass is also now geometrically out of tune with the shipboard translators, and will soon discharge itself out of existence. The entire process can be recycled, and a second damming action engineered, after a recovery phase completes itself in the etheric continuum.

Scenarios like these were enacted literally hundreds of times during Trevor Constable’s more than 300 ocean crossings aboard SS Maui. Recorded often in daylight on time-lapse videotape, the happenings were totally objective. In addition, radar provided continuous, irrefutable evidence of etheric flow laws, and of the physical presence of enormous tides of etheric force that are involved in the whole life of the earth. Interdiction with simple geometric devices renders tangible this etheric action, The correct geometry, correctly applied, makes rain engineering technically feasible. Radar objectifies what is happening.

“The Moses Effect”

SS Maui’s collision avoidance system display provides a record of the typical “parting of the heavenly waters” that occurs when the ship approaches rain masses with its biogeometric devices functioning. “X” is the position of the Maui, at center screen. Screen shows ocean surface over a 24 nautical mile circle around the ship. Dotted line from X to the screen perimeter is the ship’s heading flasher, showing the ship steering SW for Honolulu from Los Angeles. Rain mass on both sides of the ship has “parted” for her passage. An open “trench” through the rain is clearly visible. Phenomenon has been experienced numerous times during rain engineering experiments. Scenarios of this kind are described in detail elsewhere in this section of the website.



SS Maui (X) is one day outbound from San Francisco, California, on her way to Honolulu, Hawaii. In temperate zones of the earth, the prevailing etheric flow is west to east. Maui’s southwesterly course is shown by the dashes and spaces of her heading flasher. Each dash, and each space denoting 2 nautical miles of over-the-ocean distance. Barometer is 1022 mb.

Etheric engineering equipment on the Maui has been adjusted to oppose locally the regional west-to-east flow of etheric force. The translators and the 22 knot speed of the ship are utilized in combination to produce this local blocking of a planetary flow. Skill, experience and patience are necessary to produce etheric drainage flow away from the ship towards the west, directly into the advancing etheric flow from the general direction of magnetic west, opposing that flow.

Where the west-east etheric flow is opposed successfully, etheric potential rises, strongly attracting atmospheric water. The anomalous, engineered area of elevated etheric potential then becomes the focus and target of lower potential flow approaching from farther west. Following the low-to-high flow law of etheric currents, this powerful influx soon raises the etheric potential of the accreting rain area to “lumination,” or discharge potential. Heavy rain is then released, as in this radar depiction.

This radar screen photo shows the SS Maui almost dead center of a monstrous rain buildup, well over 20 miles long and up to 8 miles thick. Radar sea clutter south of the ship verifies the southerly winds in this format, which have virtually no influence on the rain accretion – the latter being etherically generated and etherically controlled. Such control remains operative until the rain barrier eventually surges past the damming influence exerted by the shipboard equipment. The rain formation then melts away, as the west-to-east currents normalize after the removal of the local blockage caused by the etheric engineering equipment on the ship.

In such situation as the above, the rain mass parts locally where SS Maui approaches, so that the ship sails right through such a rain line as that above, in virtually rainless conditions. Walls of rain are visible on both sides of the ship as the rain mass is transited. Common occurrence of this “parting of the waters” caused it to be called “The Moses Effect.” Trevor Constable opines on the basis of his experience that “someday before too very long, Man will be making wide technological use of the ether.” Radar has illuminated the beginning made on SS Maui.

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