The engineering, stimulation, or enhancement of lightning is NOT among the purposes for which etheric rain engineering has been developed over the past three decades. At ERE of Singapore, we certainly wish our airborne operations could be kept free of lightning, because of many attendant dangers. Ignition of forest fires and disruption of commercial electricity supplies are especially undesirable. Lightning has nevertheless been concomitant to some degree with most etheric rain engineering operations since the 1970s. Our experience is that the ether is an integral component of lightning, and probably its fundamental source. This has been strongly indicated in more recent years, with the development of ungrounded translators (P-guns), and their use on aircraft in tropical and subtropical locales. ERE aircraft operating in Malaysia for example, have taken off in stable, fair weather with no changes forecast, or indicated in any way, only to have thunder and lightning manifest profusely, right after becoming airborne with a P-gun aboard. This has frequently forced an immediate return to base – a chastening experience.

Considering that reactions like these are produced without any use of chemicals, electromagnetic radiation or electric power, but purely through simple geometry and lawful motion, something is crucially lacking in conventional lightning theories. That same something is in the forefront of airborne etheric rain engineering operations: accessing and manipulating the ether technically. Practical etheric engineering experience has taught that the ether is an intimate contributor to lightning, and perhaps the cardinal contributor. The ether is missing from conventional attempts better to understand lightning. Great diligence and devoted professional effort over many decades have attended conventional lightning research. ERE has the greatest respect for these largely unsung projects. Nevertheless, the physicist who chooses to dwell in the etherless universe wrongly derived from Einstein's mathematics, excluding the ether from such primal functions as lightning, is destined to have no definitive grasp of lightning phenomena. Excluding the ether only frustrates and muddles such understanding. Greatly enhanced comprehension of lightning phenomena will follow admission of the ether to the whole process.

Included in this gallery are lightning photographs where the deliberate intent of the engineer was actually to show photographically the connection between etheric rain engineering apparatus, and lightning displays this equipment evoked. This original effort to demonstrate primitive "control" of lightning by having strikes appear in the center of the camera field, was made in 1978 -- a risky venture with a twelve-foot long metal tube grounded into water, and sited atop an oceanfront building. The much-feared threat of being "zapped,” fortunately never materialized, and confidence of personal safety grew. Practical experience led to the conviction that the immediate vicinity of the cloudbuster was a fairly safe place. Etheric energy seemed to drain away massively from the near proximity of the cloudbuster and not just via the cloudbuster tube. This drainage ran toward the site of the lightning strike, which was always remote from the cloudbuster. That site could be controlled to a limited degree by changes in the orientation of the cloudbuster.

Build-up of etheric potential was fed by this "drainage.” If the resultant elevation in etheric potential became sufficient, reaching what is known as lumination potential, lightning discharged the etheric potential in a process bioenergetically tantamount to the sexual orgasm. Lightning appeared to function primarily according to the basic “4-beat” orgasmic cycle discovered and described in his scientific works by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. The 4-beat cycle lies at the roots of life. This primary activity is accompanied by electrical effects as conventionally understood and comprehensively objectified.. Vivid and observationally transfixing, these electrical effects mask the preceding primary activity.

Kindred experience on the high seas, engineering vast rain lines containing thousands of tons of water via similar etheric "drainage" phenomena, convinced us that we were dealing with phenomena rooted in living processes. The legacy of Dr. Wilhelm Reich was of immense service in advancing our understanding.


The 1983 photographs were made using simple, short (34-36") large-bore tubes in water-grounded etheric projectors, not really worthy of being called cloudbusters. These devices were crude and inelegant, awkward to handle and control, and incredibly messy to use. The units were fed by blasts of atomized water. Operators were completely drenched in operating these units. Their virtue was the large output of etheric force that they made available, and their ability to project this force locally with serviceable directional control. Most of the photographs in this series, made at Los Angeles Harbor in California, reveal the upper tube of the projector in the lower center of the photo frame. Connection to the massive lightning strikes is therefore unequivocal, since many photographs were made utilizing the same method and geometry.

The lightning photographs made during Operation Pincer II (July 1986) in southern California, permanently document the culmination of that complex project. Filed with engineering drawings prior to commencement with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Pincer II was an attack on a century-old statistical barrier: the statistical rainlessness of Los Angeles in July. The result of Pincer II was the wettest Los Angeles July in 100 years. In order to achieve this etheric engineering triumph, the July monsoon that normally affects Arizona and especially the Phoenix area, had to be diverted over 200 miles from its normal path. A full account of the Pincer II project will eventually appear on this website.

Pincer II marked the advent in a pre-notified project of ungrounded, waterless, geometric etheric projectors. These "Flying H'" units, in addition to engineering July rains in L.A. not seen in a century, evoked southern California lightning on a seldom-seen scale. There were approximately 200 lightning strikes in the vicinity of Point Fermin, 22/23 July 1986, where the coastal Flying H was sited. This amount of lightning activity was probably unprecedented for this region. Lightning is relatively rare in Los Angeles.

The photographs made on this spectacular occasion are of two types. First, salon-quality photographs of lightning strikes, all of them right in the center of the frame, a verification that the engineer knew approximately where the strikes were to hit. The second group of photographs are framed and sited directly to connect lightning strikes around Los Angeles Harbor to the Flying H units that evoked these displays. Nothing remotely resembling the lightning of Operation Pincer II has occurred since, a period of 16 years. The above main groups of photos are appropriately captioned individually in the gallery.

In the course of 34 years in the pursuit of etheric rain engineering, lightning has attended numerous operations and equipment tests on the high seas, as well as in Hawaii, Singapore , Malaysia, Costa Rica and on the deserts of California, Arizona and Utah. Lightning has synchronously accompanied the passage across American deserts, a mile or two abeam of moving "gun cars" equipped with ungrounded, geometric translators. Such happenings left no doubt of the connection of the lightning to the moving vehicle. Similar, cyclic lightning discharges were engineered to accompany an ocean-going ship during a hundred nautical miles of steaming. The strikes always appeared on the same bearing relative to the ship, at the same approximate distance, and at regular intervals. The "message" was always the same: lightning originates in etheric activity.

ERE is driven and guided by objective results. Our understanding of etheric functions and influences is in its infancy. Slight though our advances are in this revolutionary new art of etheric engineering, we are enjoined, by the dynamic nature of what we have discovered, to avoid freezing any of it yet into either doctrine or dogma. Trying to fit etheric functions into the mechanistic knowledge rubric that is based on denial of the ether's existence, is irrational. Since the physical existence of the ether is intimately connected with all life, the ether as a reality, and as a concept, must be allowed to flow freely into human consciousness for a long time to come. In this way, the ether itself will “tell” us of its wondrous properties and powers. This experience will undergird a functional new methodology for dealing technically with the ether, and especially for the ether’s technological use. Using existing, accepted mechanistic laws to deny, “test” or deprecate the ether, for the sake of protecting the mechanistic weltanschauung, is a neurotic mistake. Blocking or banishing the ether from scientific consciousness, is the grossest of counter-evolutionary errors.

New theories and concepts appropriate to etheric phenomena, will undergird the age that lies ahead. Compulsive skeptics will do well to remember that many "laws" now hallowed, will join the Phlogiston Theory in history within a few decades. At ERE, the intention is successfully to commercialize etheric technology for the first time, since the world inevitably accepts what it has to pay for. This is the ultimate seal of approval. Wider acceptance and technological use of the etheric continuum can follow from the break-in with etheric rain engineering. A new epoch looms before industry and commerce To help establish this new, life-positive era, based on the physical reality and technological use of the ether, the discipline imposed by RESULTS appears to be a safe beginning pathway. A century of scientific disputes and endless argumentation about the ether has led nowhere. There is much more behind lightning than familiar electrical forces.

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October 9, 2008

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