Excerpt from a letter written by TJC to Jeff Rense, the international internet talk show host, on 30 April 2003. This concerns practical etheric effects in the earth environment:

Right on commercial break, you raised the question of why trailer parks appeared to be especially vulnerable to tornadic conditions.  Unfortunately, we never got back to discussing this.  The reason that trailer parks and mobile home parks seem so vulnerable, in my opinion, is that from an etheric point of view, they are rows of NEGATIVE ETHERIC ACCUMULATORS. As such, they are explosions waiting to happen, and requiring only the presence of a high etheric potential vortex, i.e. a tornado.

The standard orgone (etheric) accumulator is a six-sided metal box, covered with a layer of insulating material, preferably organic in origin. Adding layers of metal and organic material will increase the etheric potential within the box core, up to the capacity limit of the box.  This is the essential nature of Wilhelm Reich's original invention, which shows that the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is not valid in certain arrangements of materials.

Now, if you REVERSE the layering process, and proceed from a metal exterior through a layer of insulating material e.g. wood, the etheric potential of the core space will be REDUCED, rather than increased. This is a NEGATIVE ETHERIC ACCUMULATOR, although I have not come across anything in Dr. Reich's work that he ever dealt with this. His focus was on the original accumulative arrangement of materials, and its complete verification.

In our ERE rain engineering work, we have made abundant use of the negative accumulator, using the principle to create the shooting action of our P-guns and other devices. Difficult to demonstrate or develop in desert or semi-arid locales, the principle is demonstrated incontrovertibly in maritime and especially in tropical maritime locales.  In the airborne mode, it is the key to truly immense effects, when the motions of the aircraft are lawful and the negative space made resonant.

Transfer this basic knowledge now to the typical trailer park in Tornado Alley. Mobile homes and trailers are mostly metallic structures.  Many of them are of unpainted aluminum or dural. Directly underneath the metal skin, is a thick layer of insulating material, usually glass wool backed with aluminum foil. This may constitute a second layering arrangement depending on the particular manufacturing processes employed.  The fibreboard lining of the coach is attached over the aluminum backing of the glass wool.  The entire coach thus becomes essentially a 2-fold negative etheric accumulator.  The ambient etheric potential inside the coach is below that of the surrounding atmosphere.  Great care is taken by the manufacturer to exclude drafts and make the structure as comfortable and as weatherproof as possible. These measures increase the efficiency of the "negative accumulator" that has been unwittingly constructed.

The difference in etheric potential between the outside atmosphere and the ambient etheric potential inside the coach, is not great enough to pose any danger under everyday conditions. Normal venting actions with doors and windows, support a continuous stabilizing  commerce between the two etheric potential "zones."  Not so in tornado conditions.

Mobile home park residents "batten down" for what is to come. This battening down must tend to lower to its minimum, the etheric potential within the coach. Battening down must also tend to limit any commerce between interior and exterior etheric potentials. The negative accumulator (the coach) now loses its stabilizing  linkage to the outside atmosphere.

Enter the tornado into the format.  OUTSIDE, there is now a super-active vortexial system of extremely high etheric potential. This high etheric potential is what causes power transformers to explode. The etheric potential difference between the interior of the coaches and the outside atmosphere, increases rapidly.  The lower potential inside the coaches becomes a chain of FEED POINTS for the extreme high potential of the tornado system. The tornado does not need to physically impact the coaches. Since etheric force flows from low potential to high, the low potential within the coaches expands with volcanic force as it seeks to feed the voracious high potential of the vortex outside. Etheric force moving under such extreme differentials will readily penetrate the metal skins of the coaches, or split them.

My opinion is that this is the reason why you see so many mobile homes and trailers literally explode near tornadoes.  This is also the reason why tornadoes seem to "favor" such parks, where negative etheric accumulators are set in GEOMETRIC ROWS, usually oriented to to cardinal directions, i.e. north-south and east-west. Surely, it is a tragic scenario when you see time after time rows of such homes blown asunder.

In due time, scientific understanding and elucidation of the existence and properties of the ether, will lead to changed technical protocols for mobile home design and construction. My opinion is that their vulnerability to tornadoes can be designed out of such coaches.

On some future visit Jeff, we can perhaps present these enlightening ideas. 

There are ancillary aspects to it also, in the kindred essential character of airliners aloft.  They are flying negative accumulators, as study of the foregoing will clearly indicate.  Lots of interesting possibilities now arise for discussion, including the rapidity with which stewardesses age and other intriguing spin-offs and consequences. All this would have long ago received the scrutiny of physics and especially biophysics, had the formal world not permitted Einstein to paralyze their thought processes.

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October 9, 2008

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