The complete history of Trevor James Constable’s weather engineering work since its inception, has unfolded with myself “in the loop” since 1985. This involvement included editing the BSRF edition of his masterwork, The Cosmic Pulse of Life, and later, the complete overview of his weather engineering work Loom of the Future, also published by Borderland Sciences. The latter book, profusely illustrated, is presented in the novel format of an extended interview. Loom of the Future eventually will become available in the PDF format on the Internet. My relationship as a collaborator, counselor, editor, friend and now webmaster of Trevor James Constable has therefore been long, stable and intimate.

There have been many high points in this experience, including the dramatic six months of Operation CLINCHER in 1990. The role of three preceding smog operations has not been told until this Internet report. I knew how much of himself Trevor had poured into this protracted operation, and what it meant to him and his associates, to ramrod it through to the success it has etched in history – where the men and women of tomorrow will find it waiting to guide them. Nothing is more obvious about CLINCHER than that the venture was ahead of its time. Even thirteen years later, just the facts and figures of CLINCHER boggle the mind.

All this was achieved so long ago, with what the participants kidded about as their “Peanut Fund.” Contrast this record with the $1.3 billion (with a ‘b’) that the AQMD has chewed through since, for marginal improvements in air quality. Smog is still with Los Angeles. Contrast CLINCHER and its fabulous achievements with the palls of pollution that settle over cities like Manila, Tokyo and Mexico City, where millions suffocate and stifle under poisonous shrouds. In all these stricken metropolitan areas, the story is the same: smog has become an industry, on which businessmen, politicians and bureaucrats batten and fatten. Cockamamie ideas and projects abound, impotent but finding funding. Powerful people benefit by poisoning their fellow beings, and avarice forbids them to desist. The technology behind CLINCHER meanwhile, is the “technology that nobody wants.” . Etheric Rain Engineering Pte. Ltd. of Singapore is virtually unable even to give the smog technology away.

Perhaps an enlightened, incorruptible leader will appear somewhere on Earth, who will force these simple, inexpensive and effective methods into use for his people. Until then, in afflicted metro areas, a lifetime of lung disease and dysfunction is being implanted in millions of children, so that the inhuman smog industry may continue to thrive. God has provided another way, through the devotion of an enlightened group – a golden gift awaiting acceptance.

Thomas J. Brown

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October 9, 2008

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